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Perfluoroelastomer / FFKM O-Rings

Manufacture quality & competitive price Perfluoroelastomer / FFKM O-Rings

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Perfluoroelastomer / FFKM o-rings are the best performing rubber o-rings in the world, but also the most expensive. They are very suitable for high-temperature conditions and can be used for a long time under the condition of high-temperature resistance up to 320°C without being melted by high temperature.

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) o-rings are a terpolymer of perfluoro(methyl vinyl) ether, tetrafluoroethylene, and perfluoroalkyl ether. They have the elasticity and thermal and chemical stability of PTFE. Their long-term efficacy can improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

These rubber seals still have a certain degree of plasticity below the brittle temperature, hard but not brittle, and bendable. Except for swelling in fluorinated solvents, they are stable to all chemicals. In addition to excellent chemical resistance and heat resistance, the product has homogeneity, and there is no permeation, cracking, and pinholes on the surface. These features can improve the sealing performance, and extend the operation cycle.

The famous brand of FFKM rubber includes DuPont Kalrez®, Chemraz®, and PERFREZ®.


  • Material: FFKM / FFPM / Perfluoroether / Perfluoro
  • Temperature Range / Rating: -10 °C (14 °F) to 320°C (608 °F)
  • Low Operating Temperature Limit: -10 °C (14°F)
  • High Operating Temperature Limit: 320 °C (608 °F)
  • Durometer Hardness Range: Shore A 40-90
  • Standard Durometer Hardness: Shore A 70
  • Color: Black (standard), white, transparent, custom color is available
  • Outline: Round, square, rectangular, custom
  • Cross Section Shape: Round
  • Cross Section Width (CS): 0.5 to 20 mm (0.020 to 0.787 inch)
  • Inside Diameter (ID): 0.7 to 2965 mm (0.028 to 116.732 inch)
  • Standard Size: AS 568, BS 1806, ISO 3601, DIN 3771, JIS B 2401
  • Price Level: Highest, about 100 times NBR o-rings
  • Shelf Life: About 20 years


They have excellent chemical compatibility and high-temperature resistance, the best heat resistance, excellent air tightness, and plasma resistance, but the low-temperature resistance is poor, the price of raw materials is high, and the production and processing are more difficult.

Chemical Resistance Properties






The production and processing performance of FFKM o-rings is poor and they are used in occasions where fluorine rubber is incompetent and the conditions are harsh. These rubber seals are resistant to various media, such as rocket fuel, umbilicals, oxidizers, dinitrogen tetroxide, fuming nitric acid, etc., for use in aerospace, aviation, chemical, petroleum, nuclear energy, and other industrial sectors.

The long life of FFKM / FFPM o-rings will minimize unplanned downtime, increase equipment utilization and optimize production capacity. The long-term efficacy of perfluoro ether rubber sealing parts can improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs and these total costs are much higher than the initial purchase price of the seal.

Choosing and installing high-performance perfluoroelastomer o-rings can extend the meantime to repair (MTBR) and reduce unscheduled shutdown and maintenance costs. For some special industries, the loss caused by the abnormal shutdown is far greater than the cost of repaired parts and labor. Perfluoroether rubber products can effectively help users improve the stability of the process, extend the working time of the equipment, and obtain maximum benefits for customers.

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